Landstar Express America

   At Landstar service is what we sell so when it comes to time critical services we understand the needs of our customers first-hand and this is also why we are proud to say that we are one of the top carriers when it comes to custom critical time sensitive freight. We service the medical industry and the government, ( FEMA and the Armed Services). These customers rely upon us to get their freight where it needs to be and when it needs to be and we understand the importance of these accounts as not only critical to our commitment to  service and our reputation for service but as a life saving service to the people in need of the goods we are delivering to them. Our higher standard and commitment is what sets us apart from the rest. If you are interested in more information about our services and hold your company to these same exacting standards and expect the same from your carrier services then  please feel free to contact us through our contact page or visit or call 1-250-357-0011.

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