At Landstar Safety comes first.  Landstar Ranger prides itself in our outstanding safety and our commitment to the safety of the general motoring public. We are one of the premier companies in the country in regards to our safety rating and our commitment to maintaining that standing. You may ask yourself, " So how does that affect me and my  company and your commitment to your customers"?  The answer is quite simple. When you load your  freight into one of Landstars trailers you can rest assured that your freight will be moved in a manner that is safe for both your commodities and for the general public as well as in a timely manner to facilitate customer satisfaction for freight  tendered to them damage free and on time and in such a way as to promote our commitment as well as your commitment to the safety.

    The Following is a quote from our head of safety in Jacksonville, Florida:

It's not just PR. In fact, when you have about 8,700 trucks on the road every day, a safety-first mindset is a fundamental corporate responsibility, explains Vice President and Chief Compliance, Security and Safety Officer Joe Beacom.

"I think the emphasis on safety is really a function of what business we're in," Beacom says. "We're in the business of operating commercial vehicles up and down the highways. The ingredient, the thing we sell, is our safety culture and our service level. The two are integrally entwined. You really can't have one without the other."

Landstar which recently was named to Forbes magazine's Platinum 400 List of the Best Big Companies in America for the seventh straight year has a compelling safety story to sell. From its rigorous driver selection process to its outside-the-box ideas for getting safety messages across to its work force, the company can comfortably throw around maxims such as, "if we can't do it safely, we don't do it."

(The Above Quote was an excerpt from EHS magazine)


       And when the carriers that you use are this commited to safety it is also a reflection upon your company as well to provide a safe enviroment for the general motoring public as well as a safe venue for your customers freight needs.

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