Landstar ltl (less than truckload services) Whatever your ltl needs from a single package up to full skids or partials we can get it there for you...

   At Landstar we have a very unique ltl service.What sets us apart is that we can offer you ease and simplicity and access to over a dozen ltl services and carriers right from you own computer and internet browser and all with no obligation and no fees or contracts. With Landstar you can schedule your own pick up times print your own invoices and BOL's, track your freight, and choose from some of the major ltl carriers, (like "Yellow" or "Roadway" or "TNT", just to name a few) that your used to using and all at compettitive rates to fit your freight budget. For more information on this program feel free to use our contact form or call 1-250-357-0011

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