Some of the customer tailored services that we provide are:


•   Storage
•   Cross-docking
•   Shrink-wrapping
•   Order Fulfillment
•   Pick-n-Pack
•   Kitting
•   Sub-assembly and Customization
•   Local Distribution
•   Import/Export
•   Return/Reverse Logistics
•   Inventory Postponement
•   Internet Visibility
•   Event/Alert Management

    If you would like more info about this service use our contact page or call us at   250-357-0011 or 586-822-3610

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Landstar Supply Chain Solutions

      In addition to all the other services we provide we also provide warehousing services to our customers. With Landstar we can provide you with a complete chain of services from independent sales agents and third party capacity transportation services as well as our warehouse capacity providers all add up to a completely integrated chain of services to handle all of your products to and from your customers and with the comfort of knowing that our services and our profitabilty is directly tied to your success so that you can rest assured that we will do all we can to keep you profitable and within your transportation budget and still provide outstanding service to your customers.




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